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Hi, thanks for visiting our website. I'm Nicola Malan and I founded Production Line twelve years ago, when I became aware of a need in many businesses for a service that would straddle the  print, media, promotional products and corporate clothing sectors in South Africa to provide a seamless one-stop service to clients.

Nicola Malan
Founder of Production Line

At that time my job as the sales manageress for a print company producing  traditional products such as stationery, presentation folders, calendars, brochures, company newletters, magazines and the like brought me into contact with many clients who needed more than just printing.

Often their print order was to support a marketing or brand awareness project. In most cases when contemplating such an exercise, the owner or responsible manager was confronted by a confusing array of choices and conflicting advice from many sources. I found it easy to understand that someone who is an expert at running their own business with its own unique challenges is unlikely to have the time to make a study of a complex new field totally disconnected from their day to day activities.

That's when I began to realise that what my clients really wanted was for someone to offer them a competent service to sort out their entire project. They needed a trusted partner to cobble together all the elements of the project at hand and to present an effective solution that met or exceeded their expectations, that fitted their budget, and most importantly would be delivered bang on time.

Having recognised this gap in the market, I set about establishing the business named Production Line which would cater for all the needs I had identified. Right then I coined the slogan "You Conceptualize - We Create" to encapsulate the essence of what the business would offer. It remains the credo which guides us today.

Within a year the business showed such remarkable growth that my husband, Peter, joined the enterprise as the financial manager to free up more time to deal with the expanding demands.

Two years later in 2010 Production Line had developed a life of its own and it was clear that more assistance was needed. At this stage Kirsten Holtzhausen who had previously worked with Peter for eight years was invited to come on board and assist with sales and admin.

Peter Malan
Photo Peter Malan

Increasing the manpower was the right thing to do at the time. It enabled us to stay totally focused on our expandng client base, further boosting growth.

Today, Production Line offers printing in all formats as well as an array of off-the-shelf and customised promotional items to cater for everyone. In addition we source unique made-to-order items to meet very specific requirements.  Our aim is to make reaching your marketing objectives as pain free and reasonably priced as possible.

We're happy to be situated in the beautiful city of Cape Town, one of the Design Capitals of the world. We are surrounded by creative industrious people working in every aspect of the media industry.

Our part of the country is home to artists of every kind and craftsmen operating in a multitude of disciplines. With such a wealth of talent to draw on we have formed partnerships with many small innovative businesses who constantly help us to achieve our goal of being one step ahead of the competition.

If you need assistance with your marketing project, look no further. We know that we can take you to the next level. Contact us today!

Photo Kirsten Holtzhausen

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