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Promotional Products in Cape Town at Keenest Prices

Every business or association, no matter how large or small uses products and services that fall under the general headings of printed materials or promotional items.
It's what we have been doing for the past 12 years. We are print and production specialists who provide solutions in the field of printed materials and promotional items for businesses ranging from large corporates down to small and medium sized businesses.
Whether you are planning a product launch, an exhibition at a trade show, the updating of catalogues, a complete rebranding exercise or just about anything else you can imagine, Production Line has the experience and expertise to manage part or all of your project. Our country-wide network of dependable associates ensures that we deliver quality products on time and at the keenest possible price.
There is an array of categories and further options within categories under these basic headings. Even large businesses which have departments that deal with branding and promotional issues can use assistance and guidance from experts who navigate through this vast territory as part of their service offering. At Production Line navigating this territory is exactly what we do every single day.
LED Folding Tool
LED Folding Tool

Examples of Promotional Products

Ideas for products to assist in boosting your business image:

Promotional Items, Souvenirs, Corporate Gifts

Branded Key Rings
Branded Clocks
Tog Bags, Goody Bags, Laptop Bags
License Disk Holders
Light Boxes
Bar Mats
Posters, Vinyl wall prints
Golf Shirts, T-Shirts, Corporate Shirts
Ladies Corporate Wear
Jackets, Fleece Tops, Sweaters
Keychains, Flashlights, Tools
Novelties & Techno Electronic Items
Business Cards and Stationery
Product Catalogues, Menus, etc
Presentation Folders
Print and Bound Reports
Employee Merit Certificates
Association Membership Certificates
Tickets and Vouchers
Posters, Vinyl wall prints
Newsletters, Industry Journals, Books
Table Talkers
Digital Print in all Formats

Printed Materials & Stationery

The above lists are by no means comprehensive, and are presented only to provide a sense of the scope of products and services in which Production Line specialises.  
No matter how these items are described, at Production Line we will understand exactly what you are talking about. We are able to guide you in making the right choice for your marketing project. More about this on our catalogues page.
You will also hear reference to branded promotional gifts, distinguishing those gifts bearing company logos from those which do not. And finally, the word souvenirs is also used to describe gifts, most aptly when presented at a conference or similar event as a memento of the occasion.
Promotional items are confusingly grouped under several descriptions which refer to the same things, or very similar things. These items may be referred to as promotional gifts, and are also identified as corporate gifts, particularly when they are presented by large businesses, with a national or international presence.

Branded Marketing Merchandise

Marketing campaigns are frequently undertaken using print media only, but often these printed materials are accompanied by branded merchandise as part of the package. Thanks to our coalition of proven, reliable suppliers we can procure the particular product you need from the most suited vendor whether in printed media or other commodities.
If we can't find precisely what you want from the thousands of items depicted in our partner catalogues, it doesn't mean it can't be done. Our business was founded on the maxim "You Conceptualize - We Create".
We have partnerships with many small artisan companies who are very capable of creating a custom product to match the picture you had in mind. We'll share your vision and ensure that the outcome exceeds your expectation at a price you can afford.
We love getting involved with our customers' projects. Often we're able to  suggest enhancements to make outcomes even better. If you choose, we can provide a seamless experience managing the process for you.  We pride ourselves on offering solutions, not simply delivering products.
We're keen to have the opportunity of quoting on your requirements. Contact us today!