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Promotional Items Catalogue

Over the past twelve years we have built relationships with some of the most awesome suppliers of merchandise ideally suited for use as business promotional gifts in your advertising or marketing campaign.
The company names depicted here represent our selected vendors and the graphics are linked to comprehensive catalogues packed with hundreds of items to view.
In many instances you will be able to download PDF versions of these catalogues for perusal at your leisure.
When you see items of interest, you may make direct enquiries on the site where you found them, or simply take a note of (or click and copy) the description and product code. Then click back to this page and use the purpose designed product selection form to request further details, prices, suggested alternatives and more from us. The same vendor icons are repeated in the form and will also take you to the respective catalogues. 
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Link to Barron Catalogue
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How to use this form:
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Promotional Items Selection Form

In the form below, click on the vendor name graphic e.g Barron, Mass Supply, etc
Browse the catalogue (which opens in a new browser window)
For promotional products of interest to you, jot down or click and copy the vendor's product code
This page should stay open in your browser. Return to this page and enter the code into this form in the appropriate space
Provide your contact details at the bottom of the form, press submit, and we'll get back to you pronto.
Buying from Production Line
We strive to ensure that you will never have "buyer's remorse" when dealing with us. There are literally thousands of options in our merchants' catalogues. Once you've got an idea of which products you believe are suited to your purpose, you won't be trapped into buying anything before you've had the opportunity to discuss your ideas with us. We're at home in this field and have handled hundreds of marketing exercises.
Our product enquiry form on this page is designed to make it easy for you to note the products you are interested in and to let us know about them. We'll contact you to help you formulate your final order. If you're not happy filling in online forms, then please feel free to email us or chat to us on the phone. Click on this link to visit our Contact Page.
After we've helped you to get the best deal, we'll send you an official quote for you to confirm. Only when we have your go-ahead will we draft our invoice.
Looking through them will surely spark ideas for your promotional project and help you to choose the ideal gift items.
Once you've selected the merchandise you are going to use in your project you'll need to think about customising the items with your brand. The size, configuration and material of construction will generally dictate what options are available to best achieve this. Fortunately, there are several choices. We've summarised these branding processes at this link: Branding Options

Creating Customised Corporate Gifts

At Production Line we are very proud of what we are able to deliver. Speak to our many satisfied clients and they will attest to our ability to see things from new perspectives which has often resulted in great savings in advertising, marketing or rebranding budgets.

If you don't see something you like, we have partnerships with many small artisan companies who are very capable of producing a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.

We thrive on challenges. No project is too big or too small for us. Call us and let us know what you have in mind. We have helped many companies and individuals to create something really stunning at unbelievably keen prices.

FAQs, Terms and Conditions
We've put together a special page providing all the information that  we think you'll need relating to doing business with us. You can go there right now by clicking on this link: FAQ
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